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Before the shoot

Look your best.  Day before - Drink water.  Get some rest!  Pick out clothes that have a larger print pattern or solid color to avoid undesired eye trips in final products!  Ironing or misting and hang to dry clothing helps with wrinkles.

At the shoot

The photographer(in this case) is definitely your friend!  Do you have a favorite type of music?  Let them know!  Usually they are happy to play your favorite tunes.. or do almost anything to get you feeling comfortable and in a good mood groove.  The more naturally you can express yourself - they better your pictures come out and the funner this process is for you!

DIY photos!

When taking your own photos - Remember to aim toward your light source!  If you are shooting indoors ...  have the subject look toward the window and have the camera between the subject and the light source (without casting shadows on subject).  







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...We appreciate how flexible and humorous she was...

"Made our experience during family photos very enjoyable and were left with fabulous results!  We appreciate how flexible and humorous she was during our session."


its a girl balloons.png
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