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My photography experience is long and unconventional.  When I was a little girl with poor eyesight I felt like the family camera gave me superpowers!  I always wanted to be the one to take the pictures. Everyone would stop and smile at my request. I was able to zoom in and see and capture moments that would normally go unnoticed!


At a young age I learned to appreciate modern machinery and decided to study Engineering right after high school. While my technical understanding increased I felt like my people skills were going untapped.  I then transferred to film school and learned while using my technical understanding that I gained as an engineer.  All the while I continued to take pictures for my own pleasure. Now I have achieved my dream & have been a full time self-employed photographer for over 10 years!  Constantly searching for new knowledge to make my professional photography better every time. Let me be the easiest part of capturing your lifelong memories!

My studio is portable & can be almost anywhere.

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